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ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly
From 5-7 July 2023, the AIPA Secretariat was in Yogyakarta to participate in the ASEAN Women, Peace, and Security Summit: High Level Dialogue. The Summit addressed the implementation of the Regional Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) after its adoption at the 40th and 41st ASEAN Summit last year in Cambodia. The Summit galvanized the support of ASEAN Member States, Bodies, Entities, and other like-minded partners upon the implementation of the ASEAN RPA on WPS, both at the regional and national levels. The Summit was hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPPA). It was concluded with a reaffirmation of support from the Governments of Australia, Canada, the Kingdom of Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and UN Women, to the implementation of the RPA on WPS. Photo by Indonesian Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPPA) and AIPA Documentation. #ouraipaourasean #WPS