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The 2nd MODEL AIPA 2018 “AIPA-Youth: Contributes to the Future of ASEAN.”

“Model AIPA” was first launched in August 2017 as new awareness program of AIPA Secretariat. Model AIPA is an educational simulation of the AIPA General Assembly (GA), where participating ASEAN university students play the roles as delegates of different AIPA member parliaments in a typical AIPA GA. Through role-playing exercises, these participating ASEAN university students are expected to learn diplomacy, international relations, current issues in the ASEAN region, and AIPA itself as regional parliamentary organization. Following the success of pilot Model AIPA in 2017, this year AIPA Secretariat collaborated once again with BINUS and Al-Azhar University in convening 2nd Model AIPA. With the support from GIZ and P2A. The 2nd Model AIPA brought together 73 university students from 7 ASEAN Member States. “AIPA-Youth Contributes to the Future of ASEAN” was picked as the theme of the 2nd Model AIPA, and discussed three topics; (1) Feasibility of the Establishment of ASEAN Parliament, (2) Narrowing Development Gap by Involving Youth in Entrepreneurship and (3) Risk to Children Safety arising from the Development of Tourism in ASEAN.