AIPA Secretariat 2023



The Triangle in the AIPA logo represents Parliament as the summit of a nation and one of the bulwark of democracy. The Triangle forms an upward arrow that reflects growth, improvements, direction, purposes and destination. The Triangle also forms an alphabet “A” to represent AIPA.

The logogram creates a visual imagery of a strong standing mountain that represents stability, prosperity and strength. The Ten Lines which consist of 5 Blue Lines and 5 Gold Lines represent the ten AIPA member parliaments.

The Flowing Ribbons with its gradient colors represent dynamic and energetic movements, while the Folding Ribbons represent flexibility, relevance, responsiveness and interconnection among AIPA member parliaments. The interconnecting ribbons represent Unity and Solidarity, while at the same reflect the Sense of Belongingness and Ownership among the people of ASEAN.

The five interlocking ribbons that form a triangle or upward arrows represent some of the values that AIPA member parliaments would like to live by, namely, the pursuit of peace, stability, unity, prosperity and good governance. The colors of the logogram denote the following:

  • Light Blue represents peace and stability;
  • Dark Blue represents maturity and strength;
  • Red represents courage, valor and determination; and
  • Gold represents friendliness and prosperity.

The acronym AIPA is in bold to capture the spirit of AIPA. The layout is justified to the same width as the base of the triangle to convey constancy, solidarity and stability. The total presentation conveys Strong and Tough, Modern, Relevant and Responsive AIPA.”

Source: AIPA STATUTE Annex 1


“The AIPA Flag represents the General Assembly of AIPA. The AIPA Logo shall be in the epicentre of the flag and conveys Strong and Tough, Modern, Relevant and Responsive AIPA. The background color of the AIPA flag is dark blue which represents maturity and strength.”

Source: AIPA STATUTE Annex 2