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ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly
Almost 300 of young parliamentarians gathered in Hanoi, Viet Nam for the 9th IPU Global Conference of the Young Parliamentarians. This year, the National Assembly of Viet Nam adopts the theme “The Role of Youth in Accelerating the Achievement of the SDGs through Digital Transformation and Innovation”. The conference generates a joint statement, in which the concern of young parliamentarians on the fact that despite less than 7 years remaining to achieve the SDGs, only 12% of SDG targets are being well implemented, is emphasized. The statement also highlights 3 (three) proposed actions to accelerate digital transformation, innovation and start-ups, and promoting respect for cultural diversity for sustainable development. From 14-17, the AIPA Secretariat participates in the 9th IPU Global Conference of the Young Parliamentarians hosted by the National. Photos Credit: AIPA Secretariat and #ouraipaourasean #hanoi2023 #youngMPs