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ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly
10 May 2023 – Upon the invitation from the Chair of ASEAN, President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, the AIPA Delegation attended the ASEAN-AIPA Leaders’ Interface at the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Led by the AIPA President, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, H.E. Dr. (H.C.) Puan Maharani, the AIPA Delegation met the ASEAN Leaders and exchanged views on how executives and legislatives of ASEAN can work effectively for the betterment of the region. Speakers, Deputy Speakers, and Member of Parliaments of 9 ASEAN Member States joined in the Delegation. Meanwhile on the executive side, 7 Heads of State/Government of ASEAN attended the meeting, along with a special envoy of Thailand’s Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brunei Darussalam, as well as Prime Minister of Timor Leste. Also attended the meeting were AIPA and ASEAN Secretary General; H.E. Siti Rozaimeriyanty Dato Haji Abdul Rahman and H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn. The AIPA President Dr. (H.C.) Puan Maharani delivered the AIPA Message at the interface meeting that highlights on the crucial role of ASEAN and AIPA as the key institutions of the region. She also emphasized that government of ASEAN Member States cannot and should not work by themselves in responding to the complex challenges faced by the nations and the people, thus a synergy between executive and legislative must be well-built. Furthermore, regional concerns such as environment and climate change, energy and food security, green economy, sustainable development, innovation and technology, heightening geopolitical tensions, and the most pressing regional issue; Myanmar crisis, of which AIPA recommended for more effective and collaborative efforts were also highlighted in the message. Responding to the AIPA Message, the ASEAN Leaders agreed that collaboration between executive and legislative must be more solid. They further emphasized that regional priority issues must be translated into action and collective effort is imperative. The Leaders also encourages Parliaments of ASEAN to actively review and promote harmonization of laws, especially in the ratification of trade agreement. On Myanmar issues, President Joko Widodo as the Chair of ASEAN encourages a peaceful solution through inclusive dialogue. The ASEAN Leaders acknowledged the central role of legislative body and call upon AIPA to continue its support for the development process of ASEAN Community. Preceding the interface with ASEAN Leaders, the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia hosted a preparatory meeting on 9 May 2023. The meeting was to deliberate and finalize the AIPA Message to be delivered by the AIPA President to the ASEAN Leaders at the interface meeting. The preparatory meeting was chaired by Hon. Dr. Fadli Zon, Chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Committee of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia and served as the Secretary of the meeting was the Secretary General of AIPA.