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ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly
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General Assembly Report

Report AIPA General Assembly

The highest body in AIPA is the General Assembly which convenes once a year in compliance with Article 9 of the AIPA Statutes, unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee. The General Assembly is held to provide policy directions for the development of AIPA’s objectives and as a forum for interchange its members. According to Article 12, the agenda to be discussed by the General Assembly may be determined by the Executive Committee. However, the General Assembly may also consider the discussion of other issues beside those decided by the Executive Committee, if the necessity arises and after listening to the explanations by the party (parties) who puts forward the suggestion. Participants of the General Assembly consist of members of the ASEAN parliamentary delegations and observer groups, with a maximum of 15 delegates from each AIPA member Parliament. The General Assembly is presided by the AIPA President who is the Speaker of the AIPA Member Parliament hosting the General Assembly. The chief delegates of other member Parliaments to the General Assembly act as Vice-Presidents. The Statutes also stipulate that should the AIPA President be incapacitated to chair the General Assembly, the chairmanship will be replaced by a member elected from the host country’s delegates. The term of office of the AIPA President commences immediately upon the conclusion of a General Assembly and shall continue until the conclusion of the following General Assembly.