Vietnam: The Opening Ceremony of AIPA Conference on Parliamentary Partnership on Educational and Cultural Cooperation for Sustainable Development.

On behalf of the President of the National Assembly of Viet Nam, I would like to welcome all participants to the virtual conference “Parliamentary partnership on educational and cultural cooperation for sustainable development”. As the initiative by the host country Viet Nam in the capacity of AIPA presidency for 2020, this conference is aimed to enable AIPA parliamentarians and partners to consider a cooperation mechanism in areas of education and culture that works toward the implementation of United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, subsequently contributing to advance ASEAN cultural identity, building ASEAN a community of wealth, prosperity and sustainable development.

Our world today is facing a great deal of severe and urgent problems, namely pollution, resource depletion, ecological imbalance, ethnic conflicts, adverse impacts of urbanization and development, and particularly the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic from the end of 2019 on global scale, affecting every aspect of daily life, taking away lives and upending livelihood of millions in the region and around the world. This may hinder the implementation of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 for sustainable development that pertains 17 goals designed to achieve poverty elimination, protecting the planet and ensuring common prosperity for all. As law-makers, we need to take consistent actions with our mandates and commitments to sustainable development as stated in the Hanoi Declaration of the 132nd IPU Assembly: “The Sustainable Development Goals: Turning words into actions” in April 2015. In this conference, we will focus on the topic of cooperation in education and culture as major issues that play meaningful part in building ASEAN Social and Cultural Community.

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