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ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly
The ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA), the Legislative Council of Brunei Darussalam, and Majlis Belia Brunei, held the first-ever AIPA Roadshow in Brunei Darussalam, on June 13, 2024.
Attended by more than 150 participants from various higher institutions and civil society organzations. This collaborative event is all about sharing awareness and connecting youth through exclusive dialogue with AIPA representatives; AIPA Secretary General, Honorable Members of Legislative Council of Brunei Darussalam, Acting Deputy Clerk of Legislative Council of Brunei Darussalam, and ASEAN Youth Representatives from Brunei Darussalam. The AIPA Roadshow in Brunei Darussalam was also attended by Hon. Jose Manuel F. Alba, the Vice-Chairperson of the
Committee on Sustainable Development Goals of Philippine House of Representatives.