Meeting Between Secretary General of AIPA & EU Ambassador to ASEAN

Secretary General of AIPA Hon. Nguyen Tuong Van received a virtual courtesy call from the EU Ambassador to ASEAN H.E. Igor Driesmans on Thursday, 4 November 2021, discussing the latest developments in the long-standing EU-ASEAN relationship and the parliamentary dimension that has further strengthened these relations.

Ambassador Driesmans explained that the upgrading of the EU-ASEAN relationship into a strategic partnership has significantly expanded and enriched the cooperation between the two regions. Further, the newly released EU Indo-Pacific Strategy, which was claimed comprehensive, open and inclusive, confirms the importance of the region to the EU, not only in trade but also other aspects including security. In this connection, Ambassador emphasized that the parliamentary dimension in strengthening relations between the two regions is essential, and for that he appreciates and supports the increasingly active cooperation between EP and AIPA.

AIPA Secretary General Van echoed the statement and added that the EU and ASEAN are like-minded institutions, sharing mutual interests in multilateralism and rules based order. Beyond trade & economic relations, EP & AIPA have a great potential to cooperate in other areas such as security, climate change, renewable energy and other sustainable development issues. Upon the request and committment by the EP Delegation for the relations with ASEAN, to further enhance the EP-AIPA relationship, she informed that the 42nd AIPA GA last August adopted a resolution on the Establishment of EP-AIPA Annual Inter-Regional Dialogue, which allows more intensive dialogue between EP and AIPA aside from the regular one during the AIPA GA.

The EU and ASEAN will mark 45 years of relations in December next year, and therefore the EU Mission to ASEAN welcomes more joint activities from EP and AIPA.

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