Laos: Assign and receive duties between the Standing Committee of the 8th and 9th National Assembly.

Ceremony of handing-over ceremony between the Standing Committee of the 8th and 9ththe National Assembly (NA) was held on April 2, 2021, at Lao Plaza Hotel, Vientiane. Led by the 8th Board of Directors By Mr. Xaysomphone Phomvihan, President of the Ninth NPC. The meeting was attended by the Vice Presidents of the National Assembly, the Standing Committees of both parties and relevant parties.

At the ceremony, on behalf of the VIII NPC by Ms. Sisay Leudetmunsone, Vice President of The 8th legislature of the National Assembly, passed the VIII National Performance Report of the 8th National People’s Congress.

The first is to inform about the organizational structure of the personnel of the NA, and the implementation of the role of the NA, which according to the three roles set out in the law, such as the work to strengthen the NA, the construction of the NA’s infrastructure and diversion work, which has been very successful and outstanding aspects that can be implemented over the past five years.

Besides, the Presidents and Vice-Chairmen of the 8th National Assembly also commented on some of the work. Work that has not yet been completed, and there are still some outstanding issues, such as constructing a new building. After the National Assembly, several changes in the staff personnel complex of the National People’s Congress continued. The two sides also discussed issues to be resolved through dialogue. Switch to each other directly. The two sides then officially signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the signing of Ms. Pany Yathotu, Chairman of the 8th National Assembly and Mr. Xaysomphone Phomvihane, President of the 9th National Assembly. (Unofficial translate)