Indonesia: The House of Representatives Republic of Indonesia response to the flood disaster in Jabodetabek

“I feel deep sorrow and condolences for the death toll in this flood disaster. Hopefully the victims’ families are given fortitude,” Speaker of the Republic of Indonesia Puan Maharani.

In every disaster event, rescuing the victim is primary. Therefore the process of evacuation of victims who were surrounded by floods should be prioritized. We have heard and received reports that there are still many victims who have not been evacuated from their homes that were flooded, especially in flood-affected areas on the outskirts of Tangerang, Bekasi and Bogor.

Therefore the evacuation team must comb through all affected areas to avoid more casualties. To maximize the work of the evacuation team, the SAR and Disaster Management Agency must include all the potential that exists both the military, police and volunteers.

The Government through the Disaster Management Agency must conduct a comprehensive emergency response operation, covers the operations of rescuing victims, establishing refugee camps, public kitchens, securing houses and assets of victims, and anticipating the emergence of post-flood diseases.

At the time of Emergency response, the government is to mobilize all relevant ministries and institutions to help the affected communities and make immediate recovery efforts. It is necessary to build better synergy between ministries / institutions that have duties and functions in disaster management, namely the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Health and National Disaster Management Agency and Regional Government. The House requests that the flood disaster that struck Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (Jabodetabek) be immediately addressed through coordination and communication between relevant agencies. Not of instead throwing responsibilities and still prioritizing the interests of the community.

I appeal to members of the House of Representatives who are in recess, especially in the Jabodetabek electoral district, to help carry out emergency response processes by mobilizing all available potential. Flooding in Jabodetabek cannot be partially resolved because it involves several regions. Prevention efforts must be made to minimize the impact from upstream to downstream so that the central government must appear to be a pioneer. The Central Government and Regional Governments must work together in formulating flood control policies and programs in Jabodetabek. The Indonesian Parliament will assist all efforts to prevent and manage the Jabodetabek Flood, especially in terms of the budgeting and legislation functions.

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