Indonesia: House Calls for Strengthening Support and Help Palestine to Handle COVID-19


Speaker of the Indonesian House Dr. (H.C.) Puan Maharani emphasized that the Palestinian people have the right to get COVID-19 vaccination like other citizens around the world. Maharani also urged the international community to help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic in Palestine. Earlier, Israel’s Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said that it had no obligation to supply the COVID-19 vaccine to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. 

“There is an urgent need to help the Palestinian people overcome Covid-19, including to provide access to vaccines,” said Maharani in a virtual keynote she delivered in the forum ‘Al-Quds Brings Us Together – Together Against Normalization Of Relations With The Zionist Regime’ in Tehran, Iran, on Monday (18/1/2021). 

The meeting was divided into 2 sessions consisting of the Parliamentary Leader’s session and Chair of the Foreign Committee’s session of the countries that support Palestine. The meeting was held by the Iranian Parliament and chaired by the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Bagher Ghalibaf. Apart from Indonesia, other countries that participated in the event included Malaysia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Bolivia, and Palestine. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic can be used as a momentum to urge the reconciliation of factions in Palestine. The Palestinian people must now unite to face Israeli occupation and overcome the COVID-19 pandemic,” the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) politician asserted. 

“I call on all countries present at this meeting to remain solid and continue to strengthen our support for Palestine so that the Palestinian people can stand on an equal footing with other nations of the world,” said the first woman Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament. 

Maharani explained that this meeting aimed to support Palestine amid the new challenges that come with the Deal of the Century, Abraham Accord, proposed Israeli annexation of the West Bank, and normalization between Israel and some Middle East countries, as well as commitment to help Palestine handle the pandemic. 

In the meeting, Maharani reaffirms that Indonesia’s commitment to support Palestine’s Independence remains. Maharani added that Palestine is the only participant of the Asian-African Conference that has not gained independence. Therefore, Indonesia has the moral obligation to help Palestine achieve its Independence. 

“I want to reaffirm Indonesia’s strong support for the “Two States Solution” and for the Palestinian people to achieve their rights based on the Green Line or pre-1967 border and East Jerusalem as its capital,” the alumna of Faculty of Social and Political Science of the University of Indonesia declared. 

Maharani continued by saying that the decision of some countries to normalize their relations with Israel did not contribute to the peace process and Palestine’s efforts to achieve its full Independence. “What is needed right now, is the pressure on Israel not to continue its unilateral annexation and occupation of Palestinian territory,” Maharani stated. 

Maharani reminded all the parliamentary delegates in the meeting of the need to establish relations with the new US government to secure their support for the Two States Solution as the foundation for the peace process. (ann/sf)

source: News – The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (