Cambodia: House of Representatives opened a campaign to stabilize Covid-19 for the 2nd doses from 17th to 23rd April 2021 at the Congress

National Assembly Of Cambodia – Posts | Facebook

According to the announcement of Ministry of Health on the date of the Sinovac vaccination campaign (Sinovac), 19 for the 2nd in the National Grade (in Phnom Penh) which is in the contract of the state and the commission of the 17th State of the State and the 2021th day of the state of the state

Due to the 2nd vaccination process, the government shut down Phnom Penh and Takmao city, the parliamentary chairman asks the authorities and officers who are taking action, understand and help coordinate the parliamentary officials and family members to go to the parliament.

House of Representatives also call on 1,328 officers and contract officers, of parliamentary office and family members to go to the 2ndvaccination, including some ministers and some ministers to bring the office to the 1st time.

To give the 2nd vaccination campaign success and fruitfulness, his excellency Leng Penglong, the parliamentary secretary, request to the national management and implement the implementation of closure and the government involved, please help to organize this

Source: National Assembly Of Cambodia – Posts | Facebook