AIPA Delegation attended the ASEAN-AIPA Leaders’ Interface Meeting with the ASEAN Heads of Government/State on Thursday, 10 November 2022, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on the occasion of the 40th and 41st ASEAN Summits.

Preceding the ASEAN-AIPA Leaders’ Interface, the AIPA Delegation met on Thursday morning to finalize the AIPA Message to be delivered to the ASEAN Leaders.

The ASEAN-AIPA Leaders’ Interface was attended by Heads of State/Government of the 5 ASEAN Member States, a Special Envoy from the Government of Malaysia, representatives of Brunei and Singapore, President of AIPA, Speakers/Deputy Speakers/Members of Parliaments of the 8 AIPA Member Parliaments, Secretary General of ASEAN and Secretary General of AIPA.

Leaders of ASEAN and AIPA highlighted major issues of the ASEAN Community Post-2025 Vision, including the development of the digital economy and reduction of the digital gap in the region, the enhancement of green economic development, the protection of migrant workers, and other issues that will prepare the region to move forward and respond to new trends and global crises in the future.

Especially ASEAN’s leaders emphasized the credibility, solidarity and centrality of ASEAN in solving the situation in Myanmar, and affirmed that the adopted five-point consensus must be commenced immediately. Non-traditional security issues, promoting democratic values and human rights, women empowerment and gender equality were also addressed.

On this occasion, both sides highlighted the importance of parliamentary diplomacy in shaping a multi-stakeholder approach to tackling complex regional and global problems and that AIPA can support ASEAN and ensure that no one is left behind.