[VIDEO] AIPA – FREELAND Webinar Preventing Pandemics Through One Health Approach

AIPA Secretariat, in collaboration with Freeland, conducted a joint webinar on the topic of “Preventing Pandemics through One Health Approach” on 7 July 2021. The webinar was attended by AIPA Member and AIPA Observer Parliaments, experts from B.Grimm Group, Asian Development Bank, EndWildLife Crime, a representative from the EndPandemics, USAID and World Organization for Animal Health.

This webinar focuses on addressing the root causes of the COVID-19 pandemic and promoting long-term solutions to prevent a future pandemic while ensuring a safer and healthier environment through the “One Health Approach.” This is a global approach that merges expertise, goals, and resources in human health, animal health, and ecosystem health to detect and prevent the emergence of the spread of a new pandemic.
The webinar provides a Roadmap that EndPandemics design, a global campaign alliance started by a diverse group of solution-oriented practitioners early in 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19.