2nd September 1977 is the most prominent day for all AIPA members. AIPA (then AIPO) was formed through the ASEAN Parliaments Meeting, which was first held on 8th – 11th January 1975 in Indonesia. On the third ASEAN Parliaments Meeting on 2nd September 1977, which was held in the Philippines, the Statutes of AIPO was agreed and signed. It marks the establishment of AIPO and the recognization of the Statutes as the supreme law of #AIPA.
From 5 founding Member Parliaments in 1975 (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand) to become 10 AIPA Member Parliaments (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, and Vietnam) throughout the years. AIPA aims to encourage understanding, cooperation, and close relations among Member Parliaments as well as Observer Parliaments and Partners.
Despite the fact that the ASEAN member states are still struggling with this current covid-19 Pandemic, AIPA still held their annual meetings such as the AIPA 42nd General Assembly, AIPA Caucus, AIPACODD and ASEAN-AIPA Interface in virtual format. Moreover, AIPA is also active in multiple webinars, discussing common international issues along with the AIPA Member parliaments, Observer parliaments, AIPA Partners and other International Organizations. This year, all of the events were held virtually and in line with strict health protocols to support national governments in fighting the pandemic.