4th AIPA Advisory Council on Dangerous Drugs

On 24 May 2021, hosted by the Legislative Council of Brunei Darussalam, AIPA has virtually conducted the 4th Meeting of AIPA Advisory Council on Dangerous Drugs (AIPACODD). Bringing up the theme of “Prevailing the Contemporary and Responsive Challenges towards Drug-Free ASEAN”, the participating AIPA Member Parliaments reported the latest drugs situation in their respective countries. The representative of UNODC was also given the floor to present its report on the current drug trafficking situation in ASEAN. Referring to all reports presented at the meeting, it was clearly shown that despite the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions, there has been an overall sustained expansion of the illicit drugs trafficking in ASEAN.

The meeting was attended by nine (9) AIPA Member Parliaments, one observer from the Union Assembly of Myanmar, and representative from UNODC. The report of the meeting can be accessed at the official website of AIPA Secretariat (aipasecretariat.org).